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MARC (Machine Readable Cataloguing) Records

In order to facilitate digital cataloguing process of our books in various libraries, we prepared a data base covering MARC records of all our books. These records can be reviewed and retrieved on line. To review the records, it’s sufficient to just to click the User Interface below:

User Interface

This interface show the catalogue entries and the sources (books).

1st Step: When you enter “gk” in the search window, all records appear in alphabetical order. Users can make searches according to any component.

2nd Step: The search result does not bring the complete but a summary information in order for a quick review by the user.

3rd Step: When clicked on the book name in summary information screen, all the catalogue information of the book can be seen. By clicking MARC view, all the information can be displayed in MARC format.

In order to both review and retrieve the MARC records of the books you need please click on the Librarian Interface.


Librarian Interface

In order to use this interface you should first send an e-mail to and get a user name and password.

1st Step: Enter your username and password. (User name =card number)
2nd Step: Write gk in the Search Catalog field. All records are listed in alphabetical order.
3nd Step: Click on the book you like to dsplay its MARC records.
4th Step: In order to save the records into your computer or in a CD, choose System Administration from the left menu. Then choose MARC biblio export from the next screen. When the MARC Export screen appears, write the MARC record number of the book you like to retrieve in both fields at the top, and click on Export button. System generates a file with .mrc extension which you can save directly to your computer or any other medium. If you enter two different MARC record numbers in MARC Export screen, you can retrieve all records in between these numbers.

“Library for Children” project

Together with our librarian consultants we worked out a simplified version of DEWEY Decimal Classification System to be used for children’s libraries.

Posters and brochures prepared are being distributed free of charge to public and school libraries all over Türkiye.

Click here to download the pdf of Brochure

Click here to download the pdf of Poster

Trainings for Librarians

We are the content provider and sponsor of trainings organised by the Ministry of Culture, Hacettepe University Department of Information Management, Association of Turkish Librarians and Goethe Institutes in Türkiye.

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