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Tolga Gümüşay

He was born in 1972 in Edirne. Due to his father’s profession, he travelled and lived in many cities of Turkey during his childhood days. After graduating from Istanbul University, Faculty of Management, he completed the post-graduate programme at the Department of Organizational Behaviour of Marmara University. Since 1993, he works on advertising market. He became a well-known author with his first young adult’s novel Six Years Full Board (6 Yıl Tam Pansiyon, 2001). And then, he wrote his story books Prediction Partnership (Geleceği Görme Ortaklığı, 2005) for children; and Peppermint Stories (Keskin Naneli Öyküler, 2006) for young adults. Gümüşay also has novels for adults. His latest young adult’s novel is Freshman the Unready (Hazırlıksız, 2011). His novel Hiç Kimsenin Kenti (2010) became the subject of a documentary by İZ TV. Later, Gümüşay, who wrote stories based on his own photographs, compiled them into books titled Kareli Öyküler (2017), Genç Kareli Öyküler (2018) and İstanbul Kareli Öyküler (2018). After his books Pembe Tuvalet (2004), Anormal (2008), İstanbul Maviyken (2020) and Veli (2022), he gathered his autobiographical stories for the “Bridge Books” collection of Günışığı Kitaplığı under the title The Boy Who Filled His Pockets with Flowers (Ceplerine Çiçek Dolduran Çocuk, 2023). Gümüşay lives in İstanbul with his wife and son.

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