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Sibel Oral

She was born in 1979, in İstanbul. She started working as a journalist in 2000 worked in different media institutions and with time she specialized in the field of culture and arts journalism. Her articles and interviews have been published in several well-known newspapers and magazines. Her novel Zayi-Harp ve Darp Ülkesinde Bir Selvi was published in 2011 and her non-fiction book Toprağın Öptüğü Çocuklar was published in 2015. Her short stories were published in compilations. Her novel Beni Beklerken (Waiting for Myself), which was published in 2006, completely renewed and re-edited 10 years after its first publication and joined the collection of ON8 (2016). Oral established online books and culture review site K24, and worked as editorial director there between 2015-2019. She lives in İstanbul with her husband and daughter.

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