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Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye, was born in Ankara in 1961. After graduating from Istanbul University’s Department of International Relations, he worked for many years in the film industry as an assistant director, director, and producer. He focused on animation for a while. In 2010, he concluded his work in this field and started to share his experiences with university students. Working as a cook for the next ten years, Sabri Safiye has been actively involved in projects for immigrants, especially women and children, starting from 2009. His children’s book Aydaki Tavşanlar, which he wrote for fieldwork purposes, was published bilingually in Turkish and Arabic with illustrations by Claude Léon (2021). A Furry Alien Adventure (Tüylü Bir Uzaylı Macerası, 2022) which tells the story of four friends that embark on an adventure in pursuit of a lost cat, is followed by A Furry Alien Adventure – Halfeti (Tüylü Bir Uzaylı Macerası – Halfeti, 2023) that takes place in Şanlıurfa’s Halfeti. The Return of Inanna (İnanna’nın Dönüşü, 2023) is a science fiction novel that explores the concept of “humanity” in a distant yet possible future where artificial intelligence is actively used. His latest children’s novel is Land Of Mess (Dağınık Oda, 2024), where chaos turns into a fun adventure. Sabri Safiye currently lives in Istanbul and has one son.

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2nd edition
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