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Cemil Kavukçu

He was born in İnegöl, Bursa in 1951. He graduated from Geophysical Engineering department of İstanbul University in 1976. His stories have been published in various literary magazines since 1980. Kavukçu was awarded the 1987 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Story Award for Patika (1987), the 1996 Sait Faik Story Award for Uzak Noktalara Doğru (1995) and the 2009 Sedat Simavi Literature Award for Angelacoma’nın Duvarları (2008). In addition to numerous stories and novels Kavukçu also wrote many children’s books and a young adult novel At Life’s Onset (Yolun Başındakiler, 2013) for “Bridge Books” series of Günışığı Kitaplığı. Kavukçu’s mastery in Turkish literature also brought him Erdal Öz Literature Award in 2013. He lives in Ankara and sometimes in Ordu with his wife; he has a son.

All Books Written by Cemil Kavukçu

10th edition
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