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Betül Sayın

She was born in 1958 in İstanbul. She graduated from the Department of Architecture of the İstanbul Academy of Fine Arts (today’s Mimar Sinan University) in 1982. Since 1989, she illustrated lots of children’s books including The Story of İstanbul (İstanbul Masalı, 2003) written by Mine Soysal. She also drew for children magazines. Some of her illustrations published as greeting cards by UNICEF. In 2006, she took her place in IBBY illustration honor list with 5 Children 5 İstanbuls (5 Çocuk 5 İstanbul, 2005) which tells the story of İstanbul from today to ancient times. The book’s rights are sold to Germany and Georgia. She also illustrated two books of Sedef Örsel named Bon Bon the Beetle (Uçuçböceği Bon Bon, 2002) and Pat Pat the Daisy (Pat Pat Papatya, 2002). Her book Kuki the Mole (Köstebek Kuki, 2007) which tells the story of a bored mole who makes some bad jokes, received the Picture Book of the Year 2007 award of IBBY Turkey. The latest book Sayın wrote and illustrated is Powder Looking for His Color (Rengini Arayan Pudra, 2013) which tells the story of a white bat feeling himself different than his friends and looking for his real color. Sayın lives in İstanbul with her husband, she has a daughter.

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