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Berna Durmaz

Berna Durmaz was born in in Kırklareli, in 1972. She studied Public Administration in Political Sciences Faculty of Istanbul University. Starting from 1995, her stories were published in important literary magazines like Kopuş, Adam Öykü, Notos and Sözcükler. Her first story book Tepedeki Kadın was published in 2011. It’s followed by her other story books Bir Hal Var Sende (2012) and Bir Fasit Daire (2013) which received the prestigious Haldun Taner Story Award in 2014. Her other story books are Karayel Üşümesi (2016) and Metal Hayatlar (2018). She wrote her first children’s novel Those Wo Can Hear The Trees (Ağaçlı Gül ve Hayal, 2021) for the award winning Bridge Books Collection of Günışığı Kitaplığı. She lives in İstanbul with her husband and daughter and works as a primary school teacher.

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