IBBY Turkey Children's Story Book of the Year 2012

After her entertaining and emotional children’s novels Perşembeleri Çok Severim (I Very Much Love Thursdays)  and  Bugün Adım Kaktüs Benim ( My Name Is Cactus Today) which deal with the problems of growing up, Hacer Kılcıoğlu is now telling the stories of children living in different countries around the world.. The common denominator in the 16 stories in the book is the Moon. The book takes its readers on an impressive journey through different geographies and cultures with the Moon that appeases our loneliness, enables us to find what we have lost, makes us smile, and leads our way with its light. The stories remind us that no matter how different our lives are, we are still members of the same universe, the same planet.  


The 16 stories in the book are: Bostan Bekçisi Fırat (Fırat the Vegetable Garden Guard), Derrin Süvariden Fırat’a (From Derrin Süvari to Fırat) İpek Kız (Silk Gir), Çinli Hong Chu ve Büyükannesi (Hong Chu the Chinese and his Grandma), Sıcak Gecenin Ayışığı (Moonlight of the Warm Night), Mısırlı Muhammet (Muhammet the Egyptian),  İtalyan Massimo (Massimo the Italian), Vietnamlı Küçük Kız (The Vietnamese Girl), Mostarlı Mustafa’nın Korkusu  (The Fear of Mustafa from Mostar), Gıprıslı Salih (Salih the Cypriot), Prag’ın Köyünden Dzitka Milena (Dzitka Milena from a Village of Prag), Yaman’ın Ödevi (Homework of Yaman),  Anne Frank’tan Kedicik’e ( From Anne Frank to the Kitten), Jose ve Eski Matador (Jose and The Old Matador), Maria’nın Haski Sevgisi (Maria’s Love for Huskies), 7’den 77’ye (From 7 to 77).

Hacer Kılcıoğlu

She was born in Alaşehir, Manisa. She worked as an English teacher. Loving to be a traveler, Kılcıoğlu compiled her childhood and youth memories in her books I was Once a Child (Ben Eskiden Çocuktum, 2003) and Speaking to Jale (Jale’yle Konuşmak, 2006). Her first children’s novel I Love Thursdays (Perşembeleri Çok Severim, 2009) is followed by a young adult novel named We were Three Children in İzmir (İzmir’de Üç Çocuktuk – Sezen, Haluk, Meltem, 2010) based on the memories of three famous Turkish artists raised in the same neighborhood. This book (designed by Huban Korman) received IBBY Turkey’s 2010 Best Children’s Book Design Award. After her entertaining devamı için tıklayınız

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