About Us

Since 1996, we have been introducing unique examples of contemporary literature for children and young adults, both from Turkish and world literature, with the mission of paving the way for the progress and development of children’s and young adult literature in Turkey. In addition to publishing selected works of master authors, we have been introducing many new authors to the field and executing award winning publishing projects.

We publish and distribute books of literary value that suit the needs of a variety of age groups as follows:

for pre-school children and those who are just starting to read.

covers fiction and selected non-fiction enjoyed by adults as well.

a unique collection for all ages, by the master authors of Turkish literature.

In 2011, we launched our sub-brand ON8 for ages 15+ which is meeting not only with young people but readers of all ages. Publishing distinctive books from all over the world, ON8 is supported by its web blog which has many dedicated young followers.

Works from world literature are meticulously translated and edited to preserve their narrative characteristics and to present the most effective and correct use of Turkish. Having focused on and specialized in only contemporary children’s and young adult literature publishing for over 20 years by now, we developed a close collaboration with all the stakeholders of reading culture and we consistently organize various events like annual conferences, teacher training seminars, and short story competitions.

We represent the sales rights of our Turkish authors and illustrators whose titles have been sold to many countries so far.


Hande Demirtaş

E: hande@gunisigikitapligi.com
T: +90 212 212 99 73
F: +90 212 217 91 74

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