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Uzayda Bir Yatılı Okul
The Boarding School In Space

Suzan Geridönmez

Editor: Mine Soysal
Illustrator: Huban Korman

A school just like ours in the depths of space! An intelligent, surprising and witty adventure!

Suzan Geridönmez, who stood out with two impressive books she wrote for young adults, wrote for children this time. The exciting adventures of Yazu, an alien living on a small planet, entertains children and at the same time approaches present day universal issues with humour. The entertaining and humoristic novel which gives food for thought on the meaning and compatibility of differences, draws attention to the fact that no creatures can be discriminated and the importance of accepting all creatures as they are. The novel to be read in a trice thanks to its rational fiction and rapid pace provides adults the chance to discuss world problems with children from a different conception of reality.


Everything started thousands of nebula storms ago when a space ship from Earth drifted off its path. The earthlings on the space ship evolved on planet Negezeg, got the name “Nasniler” and established an existence based on equality and peace. Yazu who believed that he would lose his family’s interest because of his twin siblings to be born soon, asks to go to a special school that only people like him who have human genes can attend. Yazu is trying to get used to life as a boarder and his new friends and finds it difficult to cope with the strange and strict rules of the school. Difficult days are ahead for the children who realize the secret plans of Headmaster Hayin Başkan…

Suzan Geridönmez

Suzan Geridönmez

Suzan Geridönmez born in 1966, graduated from Istanbul University, Department of German Language and Literature. She worked as a school librarian for many years and did translations from German to Turkish. Geridönmez lives in Istanbul with her husband and daughter.
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184 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2010
31th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-9944-717-58-8
Barcode: 978 9944 717 588


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