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Tüylü Bir Uzaylı Macerası

Sabri Safiye

Editor: Müren Beykan
Illustrator: Başak Taşkıran

Why should aliens be “evil,” let's first look at ourselves!

Director and producer Sabri Safiye takes his readers on a fantastic journey in his first children’s novel. With his distinctive style of writing, he tells the story of the crazy adventure of four friends who are tracking down Felis, the missing captain of the spaceship. Emphasizing the healing power of solidarity and love, the amusing novel that makes people think about animal rights encourages the exploration of the invisible behind the visible.


The bus that Dilek, Rıza, Mert and Belma take thinking that it’s the school shuttle-bus takes them on an unexpected route. Shocked by the call for help from strange creatures in the glittery vintage van, the kids take action for the missing cat. However in this “furry” adventure with their alien friends on one hand and with the mysterious motorcycle woman on the other, the foursome encounters all sorts of trouble. Moreover, unexpected secrets will be revealed in the strange laboratory where they manage to enter…

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye, was born in Ankara in 1961. After graduating from Istanbul University’s Department of International Relations, he worked for many years in the film industry as an assistant director, director, and producer. He focused on animation for a while. In 2010, he concluded his work in this field and started to share his experiences with university students. Working as a cook for the next ten years, Sabri Safiye has been actively involved in projects for immigrants, especially women and […]
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184 pages
120x180 mm
2nd edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-605-7797-75-9


spacetechnologyfriendshipscienceanimal rightscommunicationdetectiveslaboratorysolidarityenergytrackingpetsmusichobbyadventuremysteryscience-fiction

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