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Sokakta Tek Başına
Alone in the Streets

Ayhan Bozfırat

Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan

How an hardworking student becomes a “bad” boy ?

This second book of special “Bridge Books” collection is from one of the most important storytellers of contemporary Turkish literature Ayhan Bozfırat. This great novel which was first published in 1972 with the title Osman by Milliyet publishing house is re-edited for children by Günışığı Kitaplığı. Ayhan Bozfırat who passed away at an early age in 1981 is narrating the world of children on streets with great success.


After the loss of his dad, Osman’s mother starts to work in houses for cleaning. She is obliged to take her daughter Zeynep with her but most of the home owners do not want the kid at home and look down on her. Osman who is very sad both for his mother and little sister is thinking that it’s his responsibility to take care of the family. He starts to escape from school and work in markets as a porter. First his grades at school, then his behavior change s negatively. He makes “bad” friends and eventually leaves the school. While his mother loses all her hope to get Osman back on track, there is still someone who believes that Osman will find the right way…

Ayhan Bozfırat

Ayhan Bozfırat

Ayhan Bozfırat was born in 1932. After completing her education in Istanbul University Faculty of Law, she worked as an assistant in the same university for some years. She later on moved to Paris and lived there with her husband. She wrote for periodicals and newspapers like Yeni Gazete and Yansıma. Ayhan Bozfırat died in 1981.
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180 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2008
26th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-9944-717-08-3
Barcode: 978 9944 717 083


the right of educationfamily affectionstreet urchinsresponsibilities

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