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Seke Seke Uçtu Öyküler
Hopping Stories

Gürsen Özen

Editor: Müren Beykan
Illustrator: Mustafa Delioğlu

Fifteen short stories, each more colorful than the other!

In her first book, Gürsen Özen is putting into words the hopes, longings and heartbreaks of children with many witty and cheerful details from daily life. The book offers a joyful reading experience for all ages. The colourful moments of friendship, play, family, neighbourhood and school days. Having worked as a teacher for long years, author’s attention to the different characteristics of protagonists from different regions, her natural and flowing language are worth noting. With colourful stories prioritising the children’s relations with their teachers and parents, invite the reader to think, dream and make up their own stories. Many emotions like the excitement of a seeing a balloon seller crossing the street, the fear of sleeping in a camp tent for the first time, the passion for catching the stars in a science experiment, wait the readers of this joyful book.


Fifteen stories in the book: Missing Sea While In the Ocean; Bunny Gang; Quarter Gold Day; Deserted and Lightless; Raining Roses, Flying Birds; White Cheese With Holes; Chocolate Voiced Woman; Hopping Voices; Children Carrying A Star; Feathery, Wingful Pink; Aquamarine Blue; Plop! We Fall Into The Game; Balloons and Anger Bubbles; My Suntouched Raincoat; The Gugukkus.

Gürsen Özen

Gürsen Özen

She was born in 1949 in Susurluk, Balıkesir. After studying at Bolu Teachers College for girls, she graduated from Turkology Department of İstanbul University. She began to work as a teacher in Şavşat, Artvin and then, she continued to teach in Fethiye High Scholl for long years. She supported several young people and children through her social and cultural projects. Özen told different faces of childhood in her first book named Hopping Stories (Seke Seke Uçtu Öyküler, 2015) which was […]
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3rd edition


180 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2015
4th edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-605-9952-32-3
Barcode: 978 605 9952 323



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