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Saklıköy’ün Kuşçusu
The Birdman of Saklıköy

Kadri Öztopçu

Illustrator: Tan Oral
Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan

An epic novel telling how mankind destroy the real beauties of our lives…

Kadri Öztopçu, the master author of contemporary Turkish literature, uses a poetic language full of symbols to narrate the epic of environmental and social destruction caused by unplanned urbanization.


Life in Saklıköy (he Hidden Village), surrounded by greenery and blue waters is woven with love and games. Çamtepe with its forests and waters full of trout, Keltepe with its ruins seem like they’ll be there forever. The main interest of the villagers is the Birdman who settled there years ago and the colorful bird that never leaves his shoulder. But neither the Birdman nor the bird is at ease! Urban clamor, dust and smoke start creeping over Saklıköy…

Kadri Öztopçu

Kadri Öztopçu

Kadri Öztopçu, born in 1954, writes poems and short stories. His poems were published in various magazines. Öztopçu attracted attention with his mature narrative language and life experience reflected in his short stories. He lives in İstanbul with his wife.
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156 pages
130x195 mm
1. edition: 2009
7. edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-9944-717-36-6
Barcode: 978 9944 717 366


tourismurbanizationrural livingenvironment

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