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Hide and Seek

Müge İplikçi

Editor: Müren Beykan

The truth tires us. We should not scare those who feed on lies. Lies are more potent in this world than the truth itself.

Known for her works about the youth, crime and innocence,the writer and journalist Müge İplikçi opens up a corridorbetween two different eras at odds. In one hand, theruthless truths which are wanted to be forgotten and erased,in the other, real pains dissolving in the mixture of showbusiness and media drug. Two different games of hide-and-seek,none of them are games anymore. The seekers areas much as afraid as the hidden.


Sometimes hide-and-seek is a tasteless game. Especially if youare asked to silence your memory. Or be silenced completely.If the solution is to run away, there is this one question whichcomes up: Run away to where?

Müge İplikçi

Müge İplikçi

Müge İplikçi, was born in 1966 in İstanbul. She is an academician and known for the stories in which she addresses the issues of woman’s statuses and relations in modern times. İplikçi has won various prestigious awards like Yaşar Nabi Nayır Youth Awards (first place in 1996) and Haldun Taner Story Awards (third place in 1997). Her stories have been translated into many languages. In 2010, she wrote her first young adult novel False Witness (Yalancı Şahit) for “Bridge Book” […]
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200 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2013
2nd edition: 2013
ISBN: 978-605-4603-64-0
Barcode: 978 605 4603 640


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