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Oralı Olmamak

Murat Yalçın

Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan

What makes life possible is the power of starting over…

Outstanding author of Turkish Contemporary Literature, Yunus Nadi Story Award winner Murat Yalçın wrote his first young adult’s novel for the “Bridge Books” collection. His elegant writing style deepening with irony gently surrounds his readers with longing and hope for tomorrow, while telling the bittersweet story of a family struggling to survive after the loss of their father. The novel skilfully handles the internal conflicts of a handicapped mother, a high school student brother and an elder sister who had to grow up at an early age and their effort to support each other. The story of those who managed to survive and left themselves to the wind of the change will leave a mark on the readers…


The life of Sarp and his sister changes after the accident which took their father away and left their mother disabled. But they succeed to stay strong with love and patience. His uncle Ersel and friend Gülin enrich the life of Sarp who loves theatre and his dumbbells. A phone call coming from his school principal one day turns everything upside down and Sarp becomes the centre of all attention. While all these are happening, Sarp was listening to his father’s old voice recording…

“Murat Yalçın’s way of telling Sarp’s change from the very beginning of the story with references to his inner world at the same time, has created a young adult novel worth reading again and again.”

Semih Gümüş

Murat Yalçın

Murat Yalçın

He was born in 1970, in İstanbul. He graduated from Psychology Department of İstanbul University. His first article was published in 1986, and his first story was published in1989. In addition to his story books named Aşkımumya (1995), İma Kılavuzu (2003), Şen Saat (2006), Karga Zarif (2012), he also has two novels named Hafif Metro Günleri (1998), Dayı Parçası (2020), one book which covers fictional letters named İçimde Oğuz Atay ile Orhan Gencebay İkizi Yaşıyor: editöre-postalar (2013) and one essay […]
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116 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2020
2nd edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-605-7797-19-3
Barcode: 978 605 7797 193


communicationsolidarityfamilycouragememoriesschool lifeloss of parentstheatrelives of disabled peoplecrime and punishmentliteraturekeeping a diary

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