Ne Gündü Ama!
1st edition
First Books (ages 3-8)Picture books

Ne Gündü Ama!

Huban Korman

Childhood is the most blessed celebration!

A cheerful, mischievous, and colourful illustrated story from the internationally renowned artist Huban Korman. In this visual feast, the world of those who are not satisfied with where they live and are bored is portrayed through the eyes of a child. A meaningful and entertaining story for the ones, who cannot see the beauty and miracles around them. Offering a delightful surprise in the “celebratory” beauty, to all children and to those who struggle to see the colours around them.


Memo, Lila and Lila’s cat Kiki are sitting by the seaside, just like they always do. Besides, Memo and Kiki are bored again. Because according to them, nothing interesting, extraordinary, or funny happens in their neighbourhood. It’s as if only a huge circus tent, acrobats, tightrope walkers, a haunted castle, pirates, or King Kong could excite them. However, Lila, who watches what’s happening around them, doesn’t agree. Above all, she eagerly awaits the big celebration…

Huban Korman

Huban Korman

Born in İstanbul, Korman graduated from the Graphic Department of İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (now Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) in 1983. For over 30 years, she worked as an “art director” in multinational advertising agencies. While continuing her work in advertising agencies, she illustrated numerous children’s books and created drawings for children’s magazines. Among her most interesting works is a book she designed and illustrated for an album by a music group. In 2008, she was included […]
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36 pages
260x185 mm
1st edition: 2023
ISBN: ISBN 978-625-6915-15-2


İstanbul, Bosphorusimaginationholidayprofessionsneighbourhood lifeadventureshipsgetting boredastronautperspectivetreasureparrotobservationcatalienscelebration

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