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Leylek Havada

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan
: Sadi Güran

Leyla Ruhan Okyay depicts different human conditions with a lucid and genuine use of language, and brings the imaginations of her characters and the realities of life together, while keeping her optimism alive. It is possible to find traces of Okyay’s life in her novel, in which the first person narrator, Ayça tells about her curiosity towards big city life and travelling. In addition to presenting friendships based on solidarity and different aspects of boarding school life, the novel depicts disappointments, first loves, sensations and regrets in other words the experiences one gains while growing up and running after dreams. The novel presents a childhood experience in a different era.


Living with her family in a small town by the Marmara Sea, Ayça’s biggest dream is to become a tourist one day. She admires all those tourists visiting their small town in summertime. Her feelings about her summertime friend Ege, who is living in Istanbul, also enhances her desire to learn English. Although getting admitted to a girls boarding school in Istanbul makes her happy in the beginning, she later finds herself in a life different from the one she has been dreaming of. Luckily one day she receives great news from her dad…

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

She was born in Alpullu, Kırklareli in 1952. She graduated from Faculty of Architecture, İstanbul Technical University. She worked on some city conservation projects of the same faculty’s History of Architecture and Restoration Institute; and completed her master degree in the same area. Okyay, with her pure telling style, wrote many stories and participated in some anthologies. The most popular of those was published in 2006 and translated to German, gathering nineteen stories from Turkish authors together. In 2012, her […]
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172 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2012
5th edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-605-4603-18-3
Barcode: 978 605 4603 183


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