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Köstebek Kuki
Kuki the Mole

Betül Sayın

Editor: Müren Beykan

This award winning Picture book by the internationally known illustrator Betül Sayın is inviting all the kids to live in peace!

In this picture book she wrote and illustrated for children, Betül Sayın, the well known children’s books illustrator, tells a story inviting everyone to live in peace. Sayın uses a colourful and fluent language in narrating how despotism and terror will alienate people from the community and how effective, love and communication are in solving problems. An indispensable bedside book both for children and parents.


Unlike his friend the field mouse, Kuki the Mole is very bored and looking for something to have fun. When he sees Kurbiş the Frog who is trying on her new dress, he thinks that throwing mud on her will be very amusing. He answers Zıp Zıp the Squirrel’s offer to share the nuts that he painstakingly collected, by a kick that scatters all the nuts. He enjoys pushing Turtle Topik, who has made it to the top of the grassy hill, back down the slope. Having great fun, Kuki is unaware how much he upsets all his friends. He finds himself all alone the next day at Kurbiş the Frog’s party. Will Kuki realize his mistake and find a way to apologize from his friends.

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Betül Sayın

Betül Sayın

She was born in 1958 in İstanbul. She graduated from the Department of Architecture of the İstanbul Academy of Fine Arts (today’s Mimar Sinan University) in 1982. Since 1989, she illustrated lots of children’s books including The Story of İstanbul (İstanbul Masalı, 2003) written by Mine Soysal. She also drew for children magazines. Some of her illustrations published as greeting cards by UNICEF. In 2006, she took her place in IBBY illustration honor list with 5 Children 5 İstanbuls (5 […]
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32 pages
200x230 mm
1st edition: 2007
20th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-975-6227-94-7
Barcode: 978 975 6227 947



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