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Kolaysa Ağlama
Don’t Cry If You Can

Suzan Geridönmez

Editor: Mine Soysal

A love story of a young man who tries to cope with problems at school and problems of adolescence.. A novel criticizing the educational system.

In her first novel for young adults Suzan Geridönmez narrates the experiences of a young boy and a young girl who are preparing for an “exam”. Geridönmez who brings together two characters who are unlike their peers for a variety of reasons, approaches the relations of these two with their families, with each other and their ups and downs in school in a realistic way. A first novel that readers of all ages will read with pleasure on how present day education affects youngsters, the importance of family and school cooperation and the significant effect of friends on human life.


Mert’s mother insists that he goes to a private school after his father’s death. Mert’s grades keep worsening as he cannot get used to his new school and friends and his teachers start complaining. His mother is worried and sends him to a psychologist. Everything starts to change for Mert when he meets his classmate Celile at the psychologist’s. His friendship with Celile who has to undergo serious surgery on her spine as well as his developing relation with his brother makes him more mature. Celile’s surgery date causes the two to change their decision regarding the high school entrance exam and also brings together the two families.

Suzan Geridönmez

Suzan Geridönmez

Suzan Geridönmez born in 1966, graduated from Istanbul University, Department of German Language and Literature. She worked as a school librarian for many years and did translations from German to Turkish. Geridönmez lives in Istanbul with her husband and daughter.
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200 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2007
18th edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-975-6227-81-7
Barcode: 978 975 6227 817


idealsresponsibilityinter-family communicationself-confidenceemotionsfriendshipself-respectexam stress

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