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Kayıp Rüyacı
The Lost Dreamer

Aslı Der

Editor: Mine Soysal

Is it possible to shape the future with dreams and tales?

Like in all her books, with this latest novel of her, Aslı Der is inviting children for a journey to fantastic worlds while encouraging them to ponder upon important concepts such as beauty, getting to know one’s self, jealousy and lies. The story evolving around a tracking adventure full of mysteries emphasizes the fact that trust and cooperation among friends can sometimes be the key for overcoming serious problems. The novel draws attention to the importance of dreams and tales in shaping one’s imagination and future, in growing hopes for future while dwelling on their function.


The happy and peaceful life of Kalse, Tulma, Pallom, Siptor and Ledna, five close f riends who are growing up in the Land of Dreams is upset when Kalse disappeared all of a sudden one night.

Kalse who is endowed with the skill of shaping the future with her dreams and imagination has been selected to be trained to be the future “dreamer” of the Land of Dreams, using her power for the good of her country.

Believing that Kalse is kidnapped because of her special skil l, her four close friends decide to go after and save her, taking a long and mysterious journey which will deepen with intellectual examinations.

Aslı Der

Aslı Der

She was born in İstanbul in 1975. Der studied philosophy at Boğaziçi University. She has many translations from English and French to Turkish. Her first children’s novel Sheroks the Little Witch (Küçük Cadı Şeroks, 2001) brought her deep and rich knowledge of philosophy into children’s literature. Then, in sequel to her first book, she wrote Big Trap (Büyük Tuzak, 2007) and the book was awarded as IBBY Turkey Children’s Novel of the Year 2007. She also took her extremely deserved place on […]
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196 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2011
16th edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-9944-717-77-9
Barcode: 978 9944 717 779


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