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İzmir'de Üç Çocuktuk
Sezen • Haluk • Meltem

We Were Three Children in Izmir

Hacer Kılcıoğlu

Editor: Müren Beykan
Resimleyen ve Grafik Tasarım: Huban Korman

It was like yesterday that three great artists of today in music and the theatre were three curious children playing in the same park!

In this book Hacer Kılcıoğlu tells the story of inimitable childhood years of three famous artists who once played in the same park in Izmir. Old Izmir, large families, warm relations with neighbours and friends, songs, games, laughter and tears. Three rare birds who feed on curiosity and stand out with their talents bearing the sparks of their future turn out, grew up with love in Köprü, a beautiful seaside neighbourhood of the time. These interesting life stories bound to arouse the interest of readers of all ages, turn into unique fiction in Kılcıoğlu’s poetic language.


Sezen with a leadership spirit rides a bicycle in the emerald green Behçet Uz Park. This sprightly child who speaks as if she were singing is the apple of the eye of both her family and the neighbourhood with her great heart, resourcefulness and great love for music. Finally, she grows up to be Sezen Aksu, a great singer with a great voice…

Haluk who plays in the same park is a very curious and humoristic child. He wants to be a chemist or a doctor but he playacts to drive his brother crazy, infuriate his grandmother and befool his friends. Finally, he grows up to be Haluk Bilginer, a master actor of the theatre…

Meltem who makes a difficult arrival to the world and challenges dangers of all kinds is the sweet curse of her sisters and the neighbourhood with her naughtiness. She constantly disappears in their home that looks like a theatre stage and worries everyone. Finally, she grows up to be Meltem Cumbul, a heart stealer film star…

Hacer Kılcıoğlu

Hacer Kılcıoğlu

She was born in Alaşehir, Manisa. She worked as an English teacher. Loving to be a traveler, Kılcıoğlu compiled her childhood and youth memories in her books I was Once a Child (Ben Eskiden Çocuktum, 2003) and Speaking to Jale (Jale’yle Konuşmak, 2006). Her first children’s novel I Love Thursdays (Perşembeleri Çok Severim, 2009) is followed by a young adult novel named We were Three Children in İzmir (İzmir’de Üç Çocuktuk – Sezen, Haluk, Meltem, 2010) based on the memories […]
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224 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2010
8th edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-9944-717-49-6
Barcode: 978 9944 717 496



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