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İnanna’nın Dönüşü

Sabri Safiye

Can dance liberate a world where poetry is weaponized?

A new generation of science fiction that holds on to humanity, its ancient history and willpower in the face of new opportunities and disasters of the world such as artificial intelligence, global epidemics and nanotechnology; and carries the torch of new beginnings and hope…  In his new novel, Sabri Safiye takes the reader on an extraordinary journey that extends from outer space to the hallways of world civilization! It questions the likelihood of remaining “human” in an advanced world order controlled by a single centre. A surprising encounter in a space capsule opens up a striking and enlightening path, both for the transmission of ancient knowledge from the past to the future and for unraveling the mysteries of the dance of the Goddess Inanna…


How many were we? The past is still in the dark! More importantly, who am I? Here I am, from this blue planet; but from where exactly? I must have a place on Earth; a continent, a city, a home? It’s like I’ve left them all behind at the speed of a rocket. Reflexively, I’m scanning the surface of the planet with great care. As if I’ll remember once I see it! I find myself pathetically funny and give up instantly. I must be orbiting. What is my speed? No matter how fast, after a while, I’ll enter the atmosphere as a shooting star and catch someone’s wish midair. I must be a romantic, one way or another.

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye, was born in Ankara in 1961. After graduating from Istanbul University’s Department of International Relations, he worked for many years in the film industry as an assistant director, director, and producer. He focused on animation for a while. In 2010, he concluded his work in this field and started to share his experiences with university students. Working as a cook for the next ten years, Sabri Safiye has been actively involved in projects for immigrants, especially women and […]
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124 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-605-73947-6-7


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