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İçimdeki Ses
The Voice In Me

Gaye Boralıoğlu

Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan

An exciting bildunsgroman bubbling with the spirit of a rebellious teenager!

A storyteller with a genuine, vivid and powerful language, Gaye Boralıoğlu hands out stories from life. She chooses to tell her tale of nowadays from the teenagers’ point of view, where the consumer culture overpowers above all else and the outer beauty surpasses the inner beauty. The story tells lightheartedly about an ambitious young girl whose mind is cluttered by her first love and her struggles on testing her boundaries and her freedom while aided by her grandfather, who is very understanding of her and guides her with a fairy tale like love story.


What happens if a young girl is unable to fit in at her home, or at her school, or at her city but flourishes with the enthusiasm and the rebellious spirit of her sweet fifteen and therefore, is not happy with her reflection in front of the mirror? Not to mention the fact that she cannot follow her college’s “trends” with the finances that her banker parents provide for her! Add to the mix the family disagreements and the flutter of a first love, you have an eruptive combo. How can a young girl find her way between the lies she told for the desire of more freedom, the fantasy of running far, far away and a love affair she cannot give shape of, with her storyteller grandfather being the only safe port she has?

Gaye Boralıoğlu

Gaye Boralıoğlu

She was born in İstanbul in 1963. She studied Philosophy at the Literature Department of İstanbul University. She received her master’s degree on Systematic Philosophy and Logic. She worked as a journalist and writer. She wrote for advertisements and studied on plays too. Her first story book, Hepsi Hikâye (2001) was followed by her first novel, Meçhul (2004). Her first book was published in 2001 and it was a story book. Then she began to write novels. Her novel Syncopated […]
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200 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2013
6th edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-605-4603-62-6
Barcode: 978 605 4603 626


freedomschool lifefirst loveconsumptionresponsabilitiesparent-teenager relationshipgrandfather-grandson relationshiplyingpopularity

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