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Her Şeyi Yanlış Anlayan Kedi
The Cat Who Misunderstands Everything

Behiç Ak

Editor: Müren Beykan

Human beings get along by smelling, cats get along by talking to each other!

Behiç Ak, has written and illustrated another children’s novel which is reflecting the rich inner world of children, their desire to expand the boundaries of their lives and their curiosity. Bringing together the cats, sites and people of İstanbul with a unique fiction in all the books he has both written and illustrated, he’s this time inviting his readers to a nostalgic site, an old house. He’s describing the living quarters shared by people and animals in an ironical manner from the impish viewpoint of an house cat. A novel winking eye to the feeling of “we can live together” and the necessity of communication between all living creatures.


The cat named Nazlı was so sure of herself that she was thinking even the wind is blowing to please her. All family members were as if dancing to her tune. Even when the family decided to move to a new place due to the new project of the architect father, Nazlı took it personally. Although Oktay first was troubled with the idea of leaving his school, he later started to like the idea of moving to a smaller town. A different house, larger playing fields, interesting neighbors and the new zoo to be constructed would change all their habits. But what about Nazlı cat?..

Behiç Ak

Behiç Ak

He was born in Samsun and studied architecture in Yıldız University and İstanbul Technical University. He’s a well-known cartoonist, author, illustrator, and documentary film director. He draws daily cartoons for Cumhuriyet Newspaper since 1982. His cartoons were exhibited in several countries like Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Besides his plays Separation (Ayrılık) and Building (Bina), his two other plays Fault Line (Fay Hattı) and City for One (Tek Kişilik Şehir) were staged in Europe and attracted big interest. The documentary film he produced and directed in 1994, […]
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196 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2018
10th edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-605-9405-73-7
Barcode: 978 605 9405 737


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