First Books (ages 3-8)Short Story

Hatırlamak İçin Güzel Bir Gün

Ömer Açık

Illustrator: Eylem Koçyiğit

Keeping memories alive gives significance to our stories...

Ömer Açık, beloved for his children’s novels, tells a heartwarming story that evokes the value of remembering and not forgetting. He portrays how the tough days that were once experienced in the children’s park of the neighbourhood, can be overcome with solidarity. The story which brings together different generations with shared emotions, and gives the power to overcome prejudices and embrace life, is brought to life with colourful and cheerful illustrations.


Güneş has two passions: listening to stories and going to the park. As much as she enjoys the adventures told, she also loves the squeaky swings and the old slide that she rides backwards. One day, when she resists going back home from the park, her grandfather opens a topic from the past. Learning about the night at the park, Güneş, with her father’s support, starts chasing memories. The camp night they organize with neighbours and friends will turn into a time of remembering bittersweet days around the fire…

Ömer Açık

Ömer Açık

Born in Adana in 1980, Ömer Açık graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Classroom Teaching. He worked as a teacher first in a village of Adana, then in Mardin and Istanbul. He likes to spend time with children, to wander around the streets and to travel. In his first children’s novel A Station Called Violet (Menekşe İstasyonu, 2015), he tells the solidarity story of a neighborhood. In his second children’s novel My Dad’s Hilarious (Benim Babam Ömür Adam, 2015) Açık told the story of a […]
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68 pages
150x200 mm
1st edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-625-6915-09-1


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