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Yeşim Saygın

Editor: Müren Beykan

A mysterious adventure in pursuit of the codes of colors.

Known for her adventure novels like Children of the Haunted Lake, in her new book Yeşim Saygın is tracing from a holiday town of 1980’s to the tunnels of history. Events unfolding under the guidance of an old diary lead the readers to family secrets, to the depths of a sinkhole, to an old mine, to archeological researches and to the safe world of friendships. The book, telling about a world which cheers up the days of a city boy spending his summer holidays in a small town, is offering a fascinating reading experience with its colorful characters and mysterious atmosphere. The adventure which is taking place in touch with nature, becomes more amusing with the humorous style of Yeşim Saygın.


Ateş who was sent to a small seaside town during summer holidays, to work at the Blue Song Hotel, feels himself in exile. Fortunately, his boring days are brightened thanks to Arya and Çilli with whom he met. As he listens to family elders of Arya about what has happened to İnci 40 years ago, he becomes more curious about the region. When the gardener of the hotel gives Arya the old diary that has been entrusted to him, two friends immediately set out to investigate. However, it was impossible to read color coded pages. Moreover, a weird man among the hotel clients was watching them…

Yeşim Saygın

Yeşim Saygın

She was born in Bursa and spent her childhood in this charming, green city. She studied veterinary medicine in İstanbul University, and continued with her doctoral studies in Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. Her poems and articles were published in magazines such as Varlık, Milliyet Sanat, Cumhuriyet Kitap and Hürriyet Gösteri. In 1996, she received Yaşar Nabi Nayır Remarkable Poetry Award. Her first children’s novel Children of the Haunted Lake (Hayaletli Gölün Çocukları, 2007) was followed by The Harmonica Player […]
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208 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2021
2nd edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-605-7797-31-5
Barcode: 978-605-7797-315


adventurenatureinter-family communicationsummer vacationfriendshipmysteryarcheologykeeping a diarycrimetreasure huntingminesynesthesia

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