First Books (ages 3-8)Series
Gülümseten Öyküler Dizisi

Kedilerin Kaybolma Mevsimi
Cats’ Season of Disappearance

Behiç Ak

Editor: Müren Beykan

Behiç Ak, loved by readers of all ages and famous with his cat stories, is once more telling a story about a neighbourhood with his humorous style. In this book , the master author describes people through their relationship with cats and makes the children to think about differences, living together in a harmony. Like all the other books of Behiç Ak’s “Cheerful Stories” collection, children love this book full of joy and surprises.


Little Sevgi who feels responsible for everything that happens in the world has a cat named Titrek (Shaky), who is as timid as her. Titrek (Shaky), disappeared suddenly on June 18th. And what is more, blunt Mrs. Nazan’s cat Arsız (Cheeky), apathetic Mrs. Nurten’s cat Buz (Ice), light footed runner Ibo’s cat Kırlangıç (Swallow), Mr. Suat’s cat Miskin (Idle) known for his slowness, and the cats of several other people in the neighbourhood vanished on the very same day. Where all these cats that with very similar characteristics to their owners, had gone? Little Sevgi started to investigate.

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Behiç Ak

Behiç Ak

He was born in Samsun and studied architecture at Yıldız Technical University and İstanbul Technical University. He’s a well-known cartoonist, author, illustrator, and documentary film director. Since 1982 he’s been drawing the cartoon strip “Kim Kime Dum Duma” that criticizes daily life. His cartoons were exhibited in several countries like Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Besides his plays Ayrılık and Bina, his two other plays Fay Hattı and Tek Kişilik Şehir were staged in Europe and attracted big interest. The documentary film he produced and directed in 1994, Türk […]
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96 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2009
46th edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-9944-717-13-7
Barcode: 978 9944 717 137



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