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Gülümseten Öyküler Dizisi

Buzdolabındaki Köpek
The Dog in the Fridge

Behiç Ak

Editor: Müren Beykan

Is it possible to fit the memories in a box and a dog in a fridge? Another “Cheerful Story” from master author Behiç Ak!

In this 9th book of his “Cheerful Stories” collection, which is very much loved by the children, the master author and cartoonist Behiç Ak discusses the theme of “respect for nature”. Like in all his books, the illustrations in this book as well belongs to Behiç Ak. The author uses an epic language to deal with the inner world of children. The social life that surrounds them is being reviewed within the context of space-human relationship and cultural factors. In this interesting story, the author hosts his readers in a sea side Mediterranean village cut off from the rest of the world. The story reveals the simple and natural way of living in the village, making the readers smile with the warm dialogues and details. At the same time it gets readers’ attention to the power of rumors and legends carried from past creating historical awareness.

A book that will touch the heart of adults as well as children with a story that narrates Ak’s impressive characters with magically realistic features and common dreams and sorrows.


Cem and his family lives in a small village close to Antalya, that can be only be accessed from the sea .It is believed that those who enters “Forest of the Lost” located behind the village never come out. Cem’s grandfatheer Sami Bey is called by the villagers as “Granpa Secret” but no one knows what his secret is. Cem’s aunt who never lived in this village and travelling from one country to the other brings Cem a puppy from one of her trips. This cute stranger is a Siberian husky. Negatively influenced by the warm Mediterranean climate, Afacan tries to hide in the shades, looking for a way to survive.

Behiç Ak

Behiç Ak

He was born in Samsun and studied architecture in Yıldız University and İstanbul Technical University. He’s a well-known cartoonist, author, illustrator and documentary film director. He illustrates daily cartoons for the Cumhuriyet Newspaper since 1982. His cartoons were exhibited in several countries like Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Besides his plays Separation (Ayrılık) and Building (Bina), his two plays named Fault Line (Fay Hattı) and City for One (Tek Kişilik Şehir) were staged in Europe and attracted big interest. The documentary […]
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96 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2012
34th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-605-4603-14-5
Barcode: 978 605 4603 145


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