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Moving to Backwoods

Saliha Nilüfer

Editor: Müren Beykan

A new life built with discoveries, legends, and games!

Saliha Nilüfer, beloved author of Gümüşsu Zamanı is this time focusing on the story of a child trying to get used to his new life that started with question marks and worries. She shows the role of friendship, games and solidarity in getting used to a different city. Her simple expression style combined with powerful observations, builds bridges of love and kindness between the worlds of children and adults. She keeps an eye out for the imaginative world of childhood. A warm novel full of mystery and adventure, which makes you feel the power of curiosity that leads to discoveries and destroys prejudices.


Derin and his family are obliged to move to a new city after the earthquake. Derin, who finds their new place a bit odd, misses his old home and habits. However, things start to change when he meets neighbours of his age, who are masters of inventing different games. Together with his new friends, he starts to climb trees, to trace the lost cats, to play “garden gata” and to learn about different plants. A giant junk dealer, a mysterious bent double man, a stone hatch in a deserted garden… There are many mysteries to be solved and many secrets to be revealed in Derin’s new life…

Saliha Nilüfer

Saliha Nilüfer

Saliha Nilüfer was born in 1972 in İstanbul. Her first poems were published in various literary magazines. Known with her translations from English, Spanish and Catalan, Nilüfer translated the important works of famous authors like Alberto Manguel, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa, Javier Marías. After her first novel Bir Endülüs Hikâyesi (2006), her poetry book Yokoluş Serüveni (2016) and her first children’s novel Ekosemelek Kuklaları İşbaşında (ill. Canan Barış, 2018) were published. Saliha Nilüfer translated the picture book Süper […]
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2nd edition


180 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-625-6915-01-5


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