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Eylül’de Aşklar
The Loves of Eylül

Mine Soysal

Editor: Müren Beykan

A truly realistic and impressive young adult novel on love, emotions, commitment, identity seek and family!

An impressive novel from Mine Soysal, telling the love and friendship story between two youngsters full of conflicts and question marks. The book makes the reader to question the concepts like friendship, love and commitment and to think once more about their responsibilities. With its young language and different point of view, this book is a fresh and realistic example of young adult literature. “Real” characters are taking place of the “ideal” ones that we used to see in many other young adult books and the story is being told both from the eyes of the girl and the boy. With its background reminding the important social developments in Turkey during 1999-2001, this book is liked both by youngsters and adults.


The friendship which starts between Can and Eylül in their freshman year at high school, turns into a first love in a short time. Can, who lives with his mother and aunt after the death of his father, now has two loves in his heart: sailing and Eylül. Thanks to the sea and sailing, Can has grown to be different from his peers. On the other hand, Eylül’s emotional fluctuations start to seriously damage her relationship with Can.

Mine Soysal

Mine Soysal

Mine Soysal was born in 1959 in İstanbul. Soysal graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Ancient Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures in 1981. Until 1994 she worked as an archeologist and researcher in Istanbul Archeology Museums and implemented exhibition projects. She founded Günışığı Kitaplığı in 1996, a publishing house specialised in Turkish and world literature for children and young adults. In 2005, she prepared the story book Ala, the Child on the Road (Ala Çocuk Yollarda) for children. She currently […]
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224 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2001
9th edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-975-8142-54-5
Barcode: 978 975 8142 545


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