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Eve Giden Küçük Tren
Little Train Goes Home

Behiç Ak

Editor: Müren Beykan

Can dreams fit into a train coach?

Behiç Ak is master of humour, whose “Cheerful Stories” series for the age group 5-8 has already become a classic in Turkish children’s literature. Little Train Goes Home is his second novel for the age group 8-12, after his many award winning first novel Hurray for the Brotherhood of Ç!. In this joyful yet thought provoking new book, he’s telling the rebirth story of a village that lost its joy and villagers finding a new way to return to life for making a dream come true. The novel cites important social and personal issues such as property relations, the joy of life and working together to reach a common goal, with a humorous plot and attractive illustrations. The story glorifies the imagination power of children and their way of perceiving life as a story, while underlining the leadership and creativity of women. With its colourful characters, hopeful story and lively illustrations this book promises a joyful reading experience for all!


After shut down of the coal mine in their small village long time ago, villagers have forgotten the joy of being productive. Holed up in their houses, they seem to have lost all their hope for life. One day, a woman named Münevver comes out of nowhere, with all of her belongings burdened on her donkey. Her dreams seem to be much crazier than even the the dreams of little daydreamer boy, Ilyas. Causing a big sensation in the village, Münevver starts to knock on the doors of villagers together with Ilyas. Would they be able to bring the village back to life again?..

Behiç Ak

Behiç Ak

He was born in Samsun and studied architecture at Yıldız Technical University and İstanbul Technical University. He’s a well-known cartoonist, author, illustrator, and documentary film director. Since 1982 he’s been drawing the cartoon strip “Kim Kime Dum Duma” that criticizes daily life. His cartoons were exhibited in several countries like Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Besides his plays Ayrılık and Bina, his two other plays Fay Hattı and Tek Kişilik Şehir were staged in Europe and attracted big interest. The documentary film he produced and directed in 1994, Türk […]
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144 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2015
22th edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-605-9952-24-8
Barcode: 978 605 9952 248


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