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Dur Bakalım Petek
Hold on Petek

Necati Tosuner

Editor: Müren Beykan

Is it easy to be young and defend your rights in the world of adults?

Following his well-liked children’s novels Keleş Osman (Bonny Osman) and Arda’nın Derdi Ne? (What’s bothering Arda?), Necati Tosuner dwells upon rights and freedom setting off from life in a block of flats. A close-knit family, friendship and the first sparks of love envelope the readers in this novel that owes its spirit to the simple and poetic language used. The efforts of two friends drawn to each other in the banality of urban life to understand themselves and each other and to pursue their rights are cleverly narrated. The novel will prompt in depth deliberations on daily life with the issues on which it dwells.


Petek who lives in a flat with her parents likes to chat with Burak in the neighboring garden sitting on a bench they call “ourbench”. However, Mr.Akif , the buildings superintendent for years and nicknamed “crow”, isobsessed with the “bench” of the two friends. At a time when her family are rejoicing over some goodnes, Petek will have to fight for the freedom to spend time with her friend…


Necati Tosuner

Necati Tosuner

He was born in Ankara in 1944. After living in Germany for 2 years, he returned to Turkey, founded and directed Derinlik Publishing House. After 1983, he worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies. He received the 1971 TRT Story Achievement Award with his story “Two Days” (İki Gün), the 1978 TDK Novel Award with Pain… Pain… (Sancı… Sancı…), the Haldun Taner Story Award with his story “Gift” (Armağan), the 1999 Sait Faik Story Award with his work When the […]
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108 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2012
2nd edition: 2013
ISBN: 978-9944-717-99-1
Barcode: 978 9944 717 991


mother – daughterrights and freedomfamily appartment lifefriendship

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