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Devin Şarkısı
Song Of The Giant

Raife Polat

Editor: Mine Soysal
Illustrator: Sadi Güran

If a giant becomes a rock star…

In her debut novel,Raife Polatrelates an amazing and intriguing tale of friendship, music and desire of becoming a celebrity. The author successfully creates an unusual background of quirky characters with the union of the music and nature, while pointing out many contemporary issues such as copyrights and internet publishing. The novel encourages not only children but also adults to have fun, dream and create something together.


The guitar player Enzo and his friends Neli and Kaya meet with a lovely couple of giants Mr.İgıl and Mrs.Bigıl, who live in the forest nearby. When Enzo finds out the enchanting melody of his dreams belongs to Mr.İgıl, he wants to share his talent on the internet, with the help of the giant’s friend Emil. It was impossible to hide this mysterious new talent when his song became so popular all of a sudden. The decision of making an album throws off the balance of giant couple’s and the children’s lives. Will it be possible for Mr.İgıl to resist the charms of the dazzling music world?

Raife Polat

Raife Polat

Born in 1969, Polat studied publishing and radio-television. She worked as a journalist and radio broadcaster in culture and arts. She works for ÇEKÜL (The Foundation of Protection, Presentation of Environment, Cultural Values). Polat lives in İstanbul with her husband, son and cat.
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200 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2014
2nd edition: 2016
ISBN: 978-605-9952-04-0
Barcode: 978 605 9952 040


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