Children's Books (ages 8-12)Poems

Deniz Olsun Adı
Call It Deniz

Adil İzci

Editor: Mine Soysal
Illustrator: Sadi Güran

Poems that portray the childhood with pure joy and simplicity!

The distinguished Turkish poet Adil İzci’s first poetry book for children includes 41 poems. The books offers its child readers an influencing reading experience with its poems praising life and nature . İzci who is also known for his essay and monography books, uses a simple yet very rich language thanks to his literature teaching experience of long years and his deep literature knowledge. The master poet succeeds in getting the child reader closer to the philosophical discourse of his poems about childhood, family, love, communication, love of nature and tolerance. The book designed and illustrated by Sadi Güran, is an excellent example of children’s poetry.

Adil İzci

Adil İzci

Adil İzci, author and poet, was born in 1954 in Niğde. He graduated from the Contemporary Turkish Literature Department of Ankara University. In 2010 he retired from Istanbul American Robert College where he worked as Turkish Literature teacher for 30 years. His articles and poems were published in various literary journals since 1984. He has four poetry books and three narratives published. His poems for children were published by Günışığı Kitaplığı in 2011. İzci lives in İstanbul with his two […]
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112 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2011
4th edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-9944-717-89-2
Barcode: 978 9944 717 892



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