Dağınık Oda
1st edition
Children's Books (ages 8-12)Novel

Dağınık Oda

Sabri Safiye

Order hidden in chaos, chaos hidden in order...

Sabri Safiye, known for his fantasy novels for children and young people, offers a humorous look at the concepts of “order” and “chaos” through the eyes of a child. The adventure, with its gripping narrative and entertaining style, vividly portrays the experiences of a child who must tidy up his messy room. A meaningful, funny novel for those who believe in the soul of objects, in coincidences, in the order and balance within chaos, and for those who tend to procrastinate.


Ozan is frantic at the start of the weekend. He has to submit his essay to his teacher on Monday, but has no idea what to write about. Moreover, on that Saturday, he has plans to go to the cinema with his friends and see the long-awaited Godzilla movie. But before he can leave the house, he has to clean up the horrible mess in his room. Suddenly, thanks to his hamster Zilla, he finds himself in the Land of Mess. It seems unlikely that Ozan will ever get out of this strange place…

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye

Sabri Safiye, was born in Ankara in 1961. After graduating from Istanbul University’s Department of International Relations, he worked for many years in the film industry as an assistant director, director, and producer. He focused on animation for a while. In 2010, he concluded his work in this field and started to share his experiences with university students. Working as a cook for the next ten years, Sabri Safiye has been actively involved in projects for immigrants, especially women and […]
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112 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-625-6915-30-5


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