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Bugün Çok Sıkıldım Ben

Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ

Editor: Müren Beykan
Illustrator: Merve Atılgan

Same day, two different stories!

Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ, is this time telling the same day she fictionalized in Aslı’s Book I Planned to Dream Today, from the view point of Aslı’s friend Aret. Beloved author is humorously narrating the feelings of a small boy who’s in trouble with his brother, about his friend Aslı who saved the cat on a tree.


When Aret takes his younger brother to the park, he sees a group of people trying to save the cat isolated on top of a tree. His friend Aslı, whom he actually likes a lot but he sometimes hurts unintentionally, is also there with just her stockings on her feet. He’s quite bothered when Aslı didn’t accept to put on the coat he brought from home. He makes a quite well plan to invite Aslı to his birthday party, but things get mixed up as always…

Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ

Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ

She was born in İstanbul, in 1980. She studied art history in the university. For long years she worked in different publishing houses as an editor and she translated children’s books. Her children’s novel Maya’s Tree (Maya’nın Ağacı) published by Günışığı Kitaplığı in 2017 gained much attention and appreciation. In 2018, she revised her earlier published works I Planned to Dream Today (Bugün Hayal Kuracaktım) and I was So Bored Today (Bugün Çok Sıkıldım Ben) to be published by Günışığı […]
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4th edition
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104 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2018
3rd edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-605-9405-59-1
Barcode: 978-605-9405-591


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