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Bir Hikâye Yaz İçinde İnsan Olsun
Write Me A Story About Humanity

Necati Güngör

Editor: Müren Beykan

The hope enhances the goodness, the goodness enhances the hope!

Necati Güngör, who is well known by his persistent stories reminds us the overshadowed values of humanity through words. The stories taking place in different social environments and in entirely different realities evoke the daily life affecting curative power of goodness, solidarity and helping each other. Author who is stating that it is not necessary to make overrated sacrifices in order to do favor to someone also shows us that even a smile, some food or learning to play baglama can overcome many difficulties. The taste of the stories which are read with pleasure through their plain expression and artfully used Turkish is hard to forget.


10 stories which remind us that people need each other, that even small favors can lead to grand changes and that the children have pure and virtuous hearts: The Fourth Day; Chickpea Wrap; The Humanity Comes and Knocks the Door; This is Your Home; That is My Grandchild; Write Me a Story About Humanity; It’s Good to Walk; Do a Favor; My Big Sister and Her Fiancée; My Mother’s Friend

Necati Güngör

Necati Güngör

He was born in Malatya in 1949. He aroused interest in literary circles with his first story book Beginning of the Road (Yolun Başı, 1973) which was published while he was studying law at İstanbul University. He received Story Award of Turkish Language Association in 1979 with Love is Bread (Sevgi Ekmektir), and Ömer Seyfettin Story Award in 1990 with My Darling the Cinema Bird (Sinema Kuşu Sevgilim). With his interviews, he received Abdi İpekçi Peace and Friendship Award as […]
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104 pages
130x195 mm
1st edition: 2017
10th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-605-9405-26-3
Barcode: 978 605 9405 263


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