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Bennane’nin Uçan Koltuğu

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

Songs of the Republic, being played
on fig tree branches...

Leyla Ruhan Okyay, known for her heartwarming and sincere style, celebrates the 100th anniversary of our Republic with a special novel. Through the story of a Village Institute graduate teacher, she narrates the journey, achievements, and transformative power of the Republic from its early years. This captivating historical fiction novel serves as a tribute to the foresight of the Republic, its unifying, progressive, and most importantly, egalitarian values.


İnci looks for ways to cheer up her beloved grandmother Nane. She sets out to discover the life story of Granny Bennane, who plays the violin sitting on her chair that’s on the fig tree, gathers children to tell them stories, and always has her pockets full of books and berries. The memories of Village Institute graduate Bennane, who can do anything from tailoring to agriculture, from making music to repairing, take the child back to early years of the Republic. The lively celebrations of the Republic, bringing together people of all ages, will once again take place under the fig tree…

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

Leyla Ruhan Okyay

She was born in Alpullu, Kırklareli in 1952. She graduated from Faculty of Architecture, İstanbul Technical University. She worked on some city conservation projects of the same faculty’s History of Architecture and Restoration Institute; and completed her master’s degree in the same area. Following her first story book Gölgesi Güz (2000), she took on the coordination of the book titled Fırat’a Karışan Öyküler (2001), which tells the drama of the villages submerged under the waters of the Birecik Dam between […]
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200 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2023
2nd edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-625-6915-12-1


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