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Beni Beklerken
Waiting for Myself

Sibel Oral

Editor: Müren Beykan

Waiting is sometimes a spooky journey...

The meaning of her name was the existence of Mrs. X and the disappearance of her mother. There was only “Duygu” in her life who can open her locked doors. Without any chance of a U-turn on a slippery road; her messed up dreams would either end in a deadlock or would bring her hopes to life…

Beni Beklerken – Waiting for Myself by journalist, author Sibel Oral, which was first published in 2006; is now completely re-edited and re-published by ON8. The lyric narration of self-discovery struggles and internal feuds of two young girls living in today’s Turkey offers an unforgettable reading experience for all readers. Perfectly expressing the feelings created in young hearths by their parents’ actions and attitudes, the author is speaking to young adults in their own language. While the background music is beating out, a silent cat is walking between the lines…


She pushed the medallion’s cover with her thumb’s nail and it opened up. A woman… The photo of a woman… The women is not smiling, she’s even not looking, not seeing… The women is in Özlem’s palm.

No abandoning on earth will create such a bitter persistence for me like yours mommy…

Özlem’s legs are no more able to carry her body; she fell down. She was unable to stop her tears. She wanted to hug herself and cry.

I laid you off mommy!

Sibel Oral

Sibel Oral

She was born in 1979, in İstanbul. She started working as a journalist in 2000 worked in different media institutions and with time she specialized in the field of culture and arts journalism. Her articles and interviews have been published in several well-known newspapers and magazines. Her novel Zayi-Harp ve Darp Ülkesinde Bir Selvi was published in 2011 and her non-fiction book Toprağın Öptüğü Çocuklar was published in 2015. Her short stories were published in compilations. Her novel Beni Beklerken […]
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200 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2016
ISBN: 978-605-9952-88-0
Barcode: 978 605 9952 880


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