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Babaannem, Kurbağalar ve Hayat

Ahmet Büke

Illustrator: Başak Taşkıran

Award-winning author Ahmet Büke invites his readers to the pages of a notebook covering the happy memories of a child and his grandmother. All memories whisper funny, hopeful and meaningful stories from an eventful childhood in the world’s most interesting town with the world’s most extraordinary grandmother. Some in the wind of a sailboat, some at the breakfast table on the balcony, some while climbing up a glacier on a donkey… The bittersweet days of childhood make the readers feel that life is a real gift.


He had lived with his grandmother since he was nine years old. But what a grandma! Sometimes with the pastry tray in her hand, sometimes at the helm of her sailboat… One day, she gives her grandson a notebook, saying that it would relieve his feeling of loneliness. The notebook, which was left empty for a long time, begins to fill with the strange but happy memories of the lively town and the colorful neighborhood: Those who want to go to space, kite enthusiasts, sea lovers, those who collect snow from the mountains, pilot women, scouts who admire the scoutmaster, those who wouldn’t change their land for the world… Was life really this beautiful!

Ahmet Büke

Ahmet Büke

Ahmet Büke was born in Manisa in 1970. He studied Economics and Administrative Sciences in Dokuz Eylül University. He received 2008 Oğuz Atay Story Award with his book Alnı Mavide (2008) and 2011 Sait Faik Story Award with his book Kumru’nun Gördüğü (2010). Büke’s stories were published in several literary magazines and they’re reminding us that the life goes by with many bittersweet, weird and strange details. Büke became widely known with his story books İzmir Postası’nın Adamları (2004), Çiğdem […]
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104 pages
120x180 mm
2nd edition: 2023
ISBN: 978-605-7797-84-1


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