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THE KING’S AMBASSADOR Hittite, the Land of a Thousand Gods

İsmet Bertan

Editor: Müren Beykan
Grafik tasarım: Suzan Aral

A magnificent novel about Hittite, the Land of Thousand Gods!

A tale of passion woven with details from history, set during the Hittite period, one of the most important civilizations of Anatolia! Bertan relates the story of the messengers, envoys, tradesmen and caravans whose lives were spent travelling the dangerous trade routes during one of the most spectacular civilizations of the time.


Mana-Putu from Hattusa, capital of the Hittite Kingdom, is the son of a family of messengers who carried written and verbal messages between forts and villages. His dream was to become a mounted messenger. However, during his first trip with his father who was a caravan messenger, a violent raid by the gang of “Black Dog” Sadakor changed Mana Putu’s life in a most unexpected way. When he crossed paths with Princess Katalpa, daughter of the Hittite king Hattusali III and the beautiful Iskuna of Kanesh his one aspiration was to become the king’s herald…

Rights sold to BULGARIA and SERBIA 

İsmet Bertan

İsmet Bertan

He was born in 1959, in a small village of Manisa. After studying Turkish Language and Literature in the university, he worked as a teacher for a couple of years. He moved to İzmir afterwards and worked as a documentary program producer and director in TRT (Turkish Radio Television) for many years. His first children’s novel Speedy Tosbi (Hızlı Tosbi, 2005) was published together with its picture book Little Tosbi Looks for His House (Minik Tosbi Evini Arıyor, 2005) in […]
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264 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2009
5th edition: 2024
ISBN: 978-9944-717-25-0
Barcode: 978 9944 717 250


Hittitestrademessengerbeliefschoice of professionstraditionsheraldsloveidealshistoryAnatolian civilizations

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