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Ağaçlı Gül ve Hayal

Berna Durmaz

Editor: Semih Gümüş
Prepared by: Müren Beykan

There is a voice heard by those who grow up in the shades of trees!

A lyrical novel from the award-winning author Berna Durmaz, which underlines the resemblance between the people whose lives are ruined by extreme urbanization, poverty, opportunity gap and the nature which is being mercilessly destroyed. Being the 23rd book of award winning “Bridge Books” collection edited by Semih Gümüş, this is author’s first work for children and young adults. With the realistic yet elegant style of Durmaz glorifying the people who encounter various challenges in life, who live in harmony with nature by establishing deep bonds, and who hold on to each other with hope; this novel will impress readers of all ages.


Hayal’s biggest dream is to be able to continue her education, as the school in their small village is closed down. Her family sends her to her uncle’s home in Istanbul, to take care of her grandmother Gül who is ill. A slum with its muddy streets in the shadow of giant skyscrapers welcomes her in the big city of Istanbul. Although she hopes to go to school one day, that day she waits for never comes. Desperately, she starts to work in a hairdresser in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the mystery of the sound surrounding the whole neighborhood starts to influence people more and more each day…

“Hayal is a character who will remain in readers’ memories. Her friends Selim and Akın, and her cousin Ertan as well… While creating her characters, Berna Durmaz intended to give them different personalities and she very well managed to do so. Even after you finish reading the novel, all characters are standing alive before your eyes.” Semih Gümüş

Berna Durmaz

Berna Durmaz

Berna Durmaz was born in in Kırklareli, in 1972. She studied Public Administration in Political Sciences Faculty of Istanbul University. Starting from 1995, her stories were published in important literary magazines like Kopuş, Adam Öykü, Notos and Sözcükler. Her first story book Tepedeki Kadın was published in 2011. It’s followed by her other story books Bir Hal Var Sende (2012) and Bir Fasit Daire (2013) which received the prestigious Haldun Taner Story Award in 2014. Her other story books are […]
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108 pages
120x180 mm
1st edition: 2021
2nd edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-605-7797-34-6
Barcode: 978-605-7797-346


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