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5 Çocuk 5 İstanbul
5 Children 5 İstanbuls

Betül Sayın

Editor: Müren Beykan

Story of Istanbul from ancient times to today!

One of the selected books in IBBY Honour List 2006 with fascinating illustrations. The book tells the history of Istanbul in five different periods using objects symbolising each of those historical periods. 5 Children 5 İstanbuls takes the children to a journey through the history of Istanbul from ancient times to teh current day.

This picture book, written and illustrated by Betül Sayın, tells children the story of İstanbul. Based on the book “The Story of İstanbul” written by Mine Soysal, and illustrated by Sayın, the author relates the five different eras of İstanbul through five different characters. The colourful pictures and unique structure of the book which starts at the present and develops towards prehistoric times presents children a unique reading and learning experience. 5 Children 5 İstanbuls is one of the selected books of IBBY Honour List 2006 in illustration category.


Mert who lives in a crowded neighbourhood of today’s İstanbul goes to visit his grandmother who is ill. The fez he finds in his grandmother’s attic belongs to Hamdi who lived during Ottoman Empire times in İstanbul.Hamdi who is anxious to go to festivities for the Ottoman Sultan finds a mirror decorated with purple stones in the Covered Bazaar where they go for his sister. The purple mirror belongs to Helen who lived in the Byzantine era…Helen, who goes to watch the races at the Hippodrome with her family, is attracted by an old coin sold in a shop. The coin bearing a fish figure belongs to Milya who helps his grandfather, a fisherman in Byzantion…Milya and his grandfather’s boat is filled with the fish they have caught. On their way back from the ceremony held at the temple, Milya finds an old piece of ceramic on the street. It is a piece from a dish made by the mother of the Girl-with-a-Bone-Hairpin, who lives in a cave near İstanbul in prehistoric times.

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Betül Sayın

Betül Sayın

She was born in 1958 in İstanbul. She graduated from the Department of Architecture of the İstanbul Academy of Fine Arts (today’s Mimar Sinan University) in 1982. Since 1989, she illustrated lots of children’s books including The Story of İstanbul (İstanbul Masalı, 2003) written by Mine Soysal. She also drew for children magazines. Some of her illustrations published as greeting cards by UNICEF. In 2006, she took her place in IBBY illustration honor list with 5 Children 5 İstanbuls (5 […]
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32 pages
200x230 mm
1st edition: 2005
31th edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-975-6227-08-4
Barcode: 978 975 6227 084


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